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Show Answer1. What is a Search Engine?
A Search Engine is same as index section of any book, perhaps it's a better version of that index. Search Engine enables its user to search within the index of the website which the search engines crawler creates by analyzing the entire website. Smart Spidey has created software which has a built-in crawler that indexes your website and creates a Smart Search Engine.
Show Answer2. Why do I need a Search Engine for my website?
A Search Engine is a very important tool which a website must have in order to be user-friendly and approachable. A Search Engine in a website gives its user power to find any information they are looking for just by typing a small query in a search box. Search Engine is a default tool and must be fast and effective. An effective Search Engine must return exact results to the user query. Smart Spidey’s programmers after doing intensive research, have developed a very effective algorithm which indexes a website and creates a very competitive Search Engine for any given website. Smart Spidey comes with an interactive “Did you mean?” function, which corrects spelling or logical mistakes of the user query. In addition, there are loads of other functions to enjoy!
Show Answer3. How does Smart Spidey Works?
Smart Spidey has a built-in automatic web crawler which reads all the files of a given website then stores it in a Database. After storing all the data it builds search scripts (either ASP, PHP or JSP) for that website. It also gives a lot of options to the web admin to configure crawling and website output. The admin gets full control over the output script display and behaviors.
Show Answer4. What kind of web environments does Smart Spidey supports?
Smart Spidey supports ASP, PHP and JSP friendly web environments. This covers IIS server, all Java, ASP and PHP servers.
Show Answer5. What kind of files does Smart Spidey scans?
Smart Spidey scans all the files of the website network except PDF and Word files. But, it reads the name of PDF and Word files which it stores in its indexed data, so if the user searches for any query matching with the file name of the PDF or Word files, then their links are returned. The next version of Smart Spidey will be able to scan all type of files. The buyers of the current version will get free upgrade to the next version when its launched!
Show Answer6. How big websites can Smart Spidey handle?
Smart Spider Regular can scan up to 25 files of a website. If your website contains more than 25 pages then you might consider purchasing Smart Spidey Professional which has no page limit restrictions. Click here for more information on Smart Spidey Professional.
Show Answer7. Can I use Smart Spidey to make Search Engine for any website?
YES! You can use Smart Spidey to make search engine for any number of websites.
Show Answer8. Can I use Smart Spidey on any Operating System?
Smart Spidey is made in the Java Platform of the Sun Microsystems, therefore any machine which supports latest Java, Smart Spidey will have no problem to run on.
Smart Spidey Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Solaris and more.

Show Answer9. Where can I get documentation on Smart Spidey?
Click on the help tab in the navigation menu to access documentation or click here to go there now. We will soon update the documentation section and make it more in depth and interactive.
Show Answer10. What level of customization and flexibility will I enjoy if I opt for Smart Spidey?
From entering multiple URL’s to full web output customization, Smart Spidey offers a range of options and it’s all easy therefore Smart Spidey will ease off all your worries regarding search function.

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